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Halogen Lamps

The halogen lamp makes use of halogen bulbs. Inside the halogen bulb, a tungsten filament burns to release light. In order to increase efficiency, operation life, and brightness, halogen gas is used to fill the bulb in the halogen lamp. These halogen gases replace evaporated tungsten to the filament of the halogen lamp, thus lengthening operation life and preserving brightness. Since the halogen lamp produces high temperatures, the bulb itself is usually made out of quarts, which does not break as easily as glass. The halogen lamp has many different uses for homes, offices, and also for specific uses.

Some of the common uses of a halogen lamp include the following

  • Residential and commercial uses
  • Automobile headlights
  • Displays such as museum or art gallery lighting
  • Medical and dentistry lamps
  • Underwater video and photography
  • Gardening lamps

The halogen lamp is usually much more compact than normal lamps. This is because the halogen bulb inside the halogen lamp is small. In size alone, the halogen lamp proves to be more efficient than normal light bulb lamps. A small halogen lamp can produce just as much light as normal bulbs. The one concern with smaller bulbs is that heat is not dissipated along a large area. Instead, the halogen lamp produces very high temperatures because the bulbs are so compact. This is one caution that people must be aware of when using or handling a halogen lamp. The halogen lamp must never be placed to close to other surfaces or objects, because they can cause fires or burning of objects. Those who want to use the halogen lamp should be sure to take the proper safety precautions when installing and using these lamps.